Spaghetti Grilled Cheese

Okay, so you know that part in my tagline that says I rarely follow a recipe? Yeah… Nor do I always take photos of my food. This was a pretty good sandwich though so I felt like I should tell you about it.

I don’t like spaghetti very much. I make it because my family likes it but it’s never been one of my favorites. I like pasta bakes, casseroles, and stuffed shells and lasagna type dishes but plain old, swirl-your-fork & slurp-your-noodles spaghetti I can do without. So when these leftovers were staring at me in the fridge but I really wanted a salty, buttery, toasty grilled cheese, I decided to combine them. Hopefully the next time I make spaghetti… (which, while I was eating this sandwich I was thinking I would make spaghetti solely for this recipe. Not to eat as leftovers. Is that wrong?) …Josie will love this as much as I did. I always consider it a success if she eats what I eat and I eat something that isn’t a chicken nugget.

Spaghetti Grilled Cheese

Take two pieces of good white or Italian bread of your choice and butter one side of each piece. (Come to think of it, if you have leftover garlic bread, use it in this recipe!!)

Sprinkle the buttered side with garlic powder and a pinch of salt – or use garlic salt if you have it. I just never have that and always combine garlic powder and salt to get that same flavor

Place one slice, butter side down in a non-stick pan over medium heat

pile some leftover spaghetti onto the bread. (I heated mine slightly in the microwave first to ensure it was hot the whole way through)

top the spaghetti with shredded Mozzarella and a sprinkle of oregano and/or basil

top with the other piece of bread and wait for cheese to get slightly melted before flipping.

Flip a few times and smoosh it down with your spatula to make a nice crunchy, cheesy, pasta-licious sandwich. Again, I apologize for not having a picture. I ate it too fast. My bad.



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