Who am I, really?

My name is Jessie. I’m an over-thinking under-doer (Don’t think ‘dreamer’. Think ‘over-eager procrastinator’) that tries to not get upset at myself for leaving a mess everywhere I go. Insert nickname: Messy Jessie. I know at the end of the day, while the floor might be covered in shredded cheese and Super Hero costumes and an occasional cat-hair tumbleweed, it’s all because my husband and I have happy, healthy kids – and a cat – that fill our hearts with joy. My house is my home. It’s lived in, loved in, and if you put your blinders on, you’ll enjoy it here too. Click the tabs at the top to see some of the ‘episodes’ of the Jessie Show. My goal here is to #1. write. #2. make you laugh. #3. inspire you. Not necessarily in that order.

This is me. The one word to describe me, and the reason I named the blog The Jessie Show, would be ANIMATED.

This is me. The one word to describe me, and the reason I named the blog The Jessie Show, would be ANIMATED.


My kids are my world. And so you can “picture” them right off the bat as I tell my stories, here is a goofy picture of us. Josie is very pretty. I know it’s hard to tell how gorgeous her eyes are here. *wink wink* Below that are two of my favorite pictures of my kids.


This is Thanksgiving morning. Daddy had to work and I was getting antsy in the Father In Law’s house. So I bundled up the kids and we went for a nice walk.

Josephine is a mini-me. Not sure about her looks. We get “she looks like her daddy” a lot and then I hear “she looks just like you” often, too. What I mean by mini-me is SHE IS JUST LIKE ME. When I was her age. For instance, I’ve heard, that when I was little and my mom asked me to put my clothes away I would flop down on the sofa – or go straight to the floor – and whine like someone just asked me to wax their car, or mow a 100 acre farm. Josie does that. For simple things. “Go brush your teeth.” Josie whines, “Why? I hate brushing my teeth. Teeth are dumb. Wah Wah Wah.” Yep. I see it now Uncle John. You were right. Your little sister Jessie and your niece Josie are very much alike. No matter if she looks like me or Angelo. She is a mini-me.

This is Josie’s last day of 1st Grade. As I’m starting this blog she is part way through 3rd Grade. I just happen to love this picture of her very much.

Adrian is here because I wanted Josie to have a sibling. Now they have someone to pick on occasionally, but always someone to love and protect. He is the light and energy in this house (which sometimes gets him into trouble because mentally… I can’t afford those high utility bills… Get it? It’s a joke. A play on words. Oh well, you’ll get my humor soon enough.) and no matter how much I have to scold him to settle down, sit still, keep all four legs of the chair on the floor, lean over your plate, don’t leave your shoes and coat there, pick up your toys, etc. he always, always, always kisses me goodnight.

Here’s my boy, Adrian. I love this picture boatloads. Get it? There are boats in the background. Nah. Not funny. Okay. Still. Love this boatloads.

12 thoughts on “Who am I, really?

  1. Louisa

    Finally! A Jessie blog! I love it and can’t wait for more. So happy the world gets to see what a fun, talented and amazing, mom, SIL, friend and fun messy lady you are! Your messes are our treasures!

    1. Jessie Post author

      Thanks Louisa! I’m glad it’s finally up and running. The more I mess with it, the more fun I have with it. And you know what, the more I NEED to write, the more I NEED to cook. Your little brother is a happy man. Love you, sis.

  2. Katie Ward

    Great job Jessie!! I can totally hear you saying all of this as we sit around laughing. Can’t wait to read more. You are still so missed


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