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fruit infused vodka

Finished Product - vanilla bean, fruit infused vodka

Finished Product – vanilla bean, fruit infused vodka

When I first attempted this fruit infused vodka I thought to myself, “If this works I may have a problem.”

1/2 C Simple syrup (which is equal parts sugar and water heated until sugar dissolves)

bunch of fruit

1 vanilla bean cut open (some girlfriends ordered a ton of vanilla bean pods off the internet. I bought a bunch from them. I had a couple left and HAD TO use them for something.)

2 1/2 Cups vodka

Strawberry & blueberry and orange* so far. I put it in the fridge for the weekend. Of course I had to taste it each evening to see how it was progressing.


I used a small medicine dropper to taste the vodkas each day. I had some taste-testers that did NOT care for this. It’s strong. If you aren’t a strong liquor kind of person mix it in with some Jell-o. ;-) Or just sip it over ice. Or with Sprite. ┬áMy mom and I sipped some of this blueberry vodka with Sprite while putting together an old puzzle she found at my grandmother’s house. Nothing better than giggling with your mom till you think you might pee your pants… when honestly, we could pee our pants giggling without a drop of alcohol. P.S. the puzzle is gorgeous. It’s a Norman Rockwell. I’m painting a frame for it and will hang it in the kitchen soon, where I may sit and sip my delicious vodka.

* I only had enough to try a small batch of creamsicle. This was 1/2 C simple syrup, vanilla bean, zest of an orange 1/2 a navel orange cut up and 1 1/2 C vodka. I’m so excited.

fruit infused vodka

fruit infused vodka